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What is it
The budget checklist compares public policy goals with budget allocations and indicators. This checklist would be developed by City staff in collaboration with TLUC and other stakeholders.

The budget checklist will:

  • create clear goals and indicators to align with policy area budget allocations

  • create budget indicators that include the value of green infrastructure, ecology health, improved income equity, human health and other social impacts and allow tracking of progress on policy goals

Why do we need it
Many of the challenges we face in Winnipeg are not a matter of public opinion, they are a matter of science, which for too long has taken a backseat to politics and short sighted economic policy. It is time to flip the script, and bring Winnipeg into alignment with international/national climate and equity agreements. 

Current Actions
TLUC is currently working with City Councillors and administration to build support for the budget checklist.

Do you support this initiative?


Your voice makes a difference! Please reach out to the Mayor and your city councilor and let them know you want them to support the creation of a Budget Checklist for Winnipeg! 

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