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The Transportation and Land Use Coalition brings together groups and individuals committed to working collaboratively for our shared vision, to increase the impact of each member group. While member organizations speak individually, we recognize we can have a greater collective impact through collaboration.

Vision of TLUC:

Winnipeg is a sustainable and healthy city based on integrated land use and transportation planning with informed community engagement and decision making, providing for safe, equitable mobility and livability.


Who we are:

TLUC was formed by organizations and individuals who work in different areas related to transportation and land use. We are often engaged with the city on various projects, strategies and master plans. Due to the City of Winnipeg being siloed in its administration, we found ourselves siloed from each other. Since we are all working towards similar goals, and find ourselves equally frustrated when the strategies and plans we work on are underfunded or lost to time, we decided it was time for us to work together to share resources, strategies and information. 

TLUC features individuals from Bike Winnipeg, Green Action Centre, YIMBY Winnipeg, Functional Transit Winnipeg, Sustainable Building Manitoba, Safe Speeds Winnipeg, planners, organizers and engaged citizens! We’d love to have you join us!


Interested in learning more? Connect with Mel Marginet, TLUC Chair, at

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